Internship Spotlight

Washington DC

Millennial Action Project

November 20, 2019
Millennial Action Project is a non-profit organization devoted to bipartisan cooperation through millennial action.

Earth Day Network

November 20, 2019
Earth Day Network is a non-profit organization striving to grow the environmental movement worldwide.


November 13, 2019
Ayuda is a non-profit advocacy organization providing legal, social, and language resources to immigrant families.

Democratic National Committee

October 23, 2019
Democratic National Committee | The DNC's mission is to work toward electing Democrats at every level — from the school board to the Oval Office.

National Science Foundation

August 21, 2019
National Science Foundation | Major sponsor of research tasked with keeping the United States at the leading edge of discovery in areas from astronomy to geology to zoology.

United Fray

August 21, 2019
United Fray | Organization mission is to make fun a lifestyle to help motivate even more people to love what they do, and do what they love every single day.

Mary's Center

August 19, 2019
Legal Affairs Internship | Mary's Center is a Community Health Center that provides health care, family literacy and social services to individuals whose needs too often go unmet by the public and private systems.

Labor Council for Latin American Advancement

August 19, 2019
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement | National organization for Latino(a) workers and their families. Works to organize and mobilize Latinos in the labor movement and has expanded its influence to organize Latinos in an effort to impact workers' rights and their influence in the political process.