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App Process

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How to Apply

The UC Davis Washington Program is now in-person in Washington DC! This opportunity is available to all UC Davis students to intern with Washington DC organizations in the field of their choosing! To apply go here.

Participation in the UC Davis Washington Program is contingent on acceptance into the program. In order to be considered, students must submit their application by the listed application deadlines.  Consider the following application instructions as you begin your application process:

  1. Eligibility
  2. Beginning the Application
    • To begin your application, you must first open the Application Page where you will be prompted to sign in to your student account. 
  3. Selecting a Term
    • Select the term for which you wish to apply. You may apply for more than one term at a given time. However, you will need to fill out an application for each term for which you would like to apply.
  4. Required Application Information
    • To apply for the Washington Program, you will be required to provide accurate and up-to-date logistical information. Additionally, you should include experience information outlining your past work, volunteer, and internship experience as well as any activities or projects that you feel would showcase your skills and abilities.
  5. Experience & Essay
    • Overall, the two essay questions work together to provide a holistic understanding of the applicant's motivations, alignment with the program, and their preparedness to engage in the Washington Program's opportunities and challenges. 
    • The first question, "What was the greatest factor in your decision to apply to the Washington Program?", aims to understand the applicant's underlying motivation and interest in joining the program. This question helps the committee assess the applicant's alignment with the program's goals, values, and overall fit. By addressing this question, applicants can demonstrate their understanding of the program's benefits and articulate how it aligns with their own aspirations and goals.
    • The second essay question, "How have the activities you've been involved with contributed to your professional development?", provides an opportunity for applicants to showcase their past experiences and highlight how these activities have shaped their professional growth. This question allows applicants to reflect upon and articulate the connections between their involvement in various activities such as employment, internships, volunteer work, or other relevant experiences, and their professional development. It enables the admissions committee to evaluate how the applicant's previous experiences have equipped them with the skills, knowledge, and perspectives that can be further developed and applied in the program.

    • As you complete the experience and essay portions of the application, take your time and focus on presenting yourself in the most well-rounded way possible. The application review is a holistic process in which candidates are evaluated not only on their academic success and writing ability, but also on the impact their jobs, internships, and volunteer experiences have had on their professional growth.  

  6. References
    Reference letters are optional for the Washington Program application. While not required, having strong references on file can enhance your profile if accepted and choosing to submit them to internship organizations.
    If you choose to submit references:
    You can add up to two referrer names during application. Referrers can upload their letters after the application deadline, ideally within three weeks. We won't notify your referrer until your application is submitted.
    After submitting your application:
    Your chosen referrer will receive an automatic request for a written reference. They'll have the option to decline or submit a letter. If declined, you can choose another referrer.
    Affiliation with UC Davis is not required. Examples include faculty, staff, or past supervisors.
    Discuss your intention with your potential referrer before adding them to your application.
    Choosing a referrer:
    Select someone who can speak to your skills professionally or academically.
  7. Complete & Save
    • Complete all required application sections. Remember that you can save your application at any time. We recommend that you save the application often.
  8. Submission
    • After you have completed all sections of the application, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) agreement and the Student Judicial Affairs Office (SJA) acknowledgment, you may submit your application. Your application will be reviewed in the weeks following the application deadline for the term for which you have applied. You will be notified via your UC Davis email regarding whether or not you have been accepted. 

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