Graduation Requirements

Grad requirements
I am graduating at the end of spring quarter. Can I still do the Washington Program?
  • Yes. You may participate in the Summer Washington Program after you graduate from college. Students who participate in the Summer program after they graduated will have to pay the higher non-UC rate for the course fee and are not eligible to apply for Summer Financial Aid. Graduating UC students may want to investigate options for deferring their graduation to Summer or Fall Quarter. Make sure you talk to an advisor at your Dean’s Office!

Can students spend their Senior Year or final quarter before graduation in the Washington Program in DC?
  • Yes! If a student wishes to go to DC during his/her senior year, we ask that they go to their Dean's office to get a degree and unit check. Student may graduate during a quarter program provided that (1) they haven't exceeded 225 units prior to their departure and (2) that all their College and major requirements will have been fulfilled either before they leave or during their time in DC. But students may only return to campus to complete any outstanding College and/or major requirements provided that they are still under the 225 unit-cap when they return from DC. Make sure you talk to an advisor at your Dean’s Office!

All prospective applicants should carefully plan their course programs in order to satisfy university, college, and major/minor requirements for their degree.
  • Although units and grade points earned at the Washington Program are incorporated into the University transcript and GPA calculation, departments and programs retain the right to determine which Washington Program courses will be accepted as satisfaction of major and minor requirements.
  • All degree candidates must meet the University residence requirement. Students should consult with their college Dean's office early during the Washington Program planning process for information on the university residence requirement, particularly students who intend to participate in the Washington Program during their senior year.

Recognizing the special value of the Washington Program, the faculty has approved two exceptions to the usual residence requirement for Washington Program participants:
  • Students planning to graduate immediately upon completion of the Washington Program may satisfy the University residence requirement by completing at least 35 of their final 45 units on the Davis campus immediately preceding entry into the Washington Program.
  • Students who have not finished all of their degree requirements following completion of the Washington Program may satisfy the University residence requirement by completing at least 35 units, including at least 12 units after returning from the Washington Program, on the Davis campus within the final 90 units earned toward the degree. With this option, 55 units maximum can be taken through UCEAP, UCDC or UCCS programs.

Students who will not meet the residency requirements outlined above may petition their Dean's office to request an exception to this policy.
  • Students may satisfy GE requirements while at the Washington Program but should consult with their college Dean's office prior to departure for information on the certification process.