Course Information

During the quarter you participate in the Washington Program, you will automatically be registered for 12 units, including the core seminar course (WAS 193 - 4 units) and an internship course (WAS 192 – 8 units). Click here to see all the UCDC in-person courses offered in Washington, DC.

The UCDC Core Seminars (WAS 193) and the Internship (WAS 192) are a perfect way to fulfill your Social Sciences (SS), Writing Experience (WE), and Oral Literacy (OL) GE requirements, and they'll be listed on your transcript as WAS 193 and WAS 192! UCDC Quarter Electives can also count toward fulfilling certain GE requirements, but speaking with your major advisor is recommended. They will be able to help guide you through how the courses would be best suited for your major, minor, career, and academic goals.

Remember to chat with your major advisor to determine how the UCDC program can help you achieve your academic and career goals. With their guidance and the fantastic learning and career opportunities provided by UCDC, you're sure to have a wonderful and enriching experience.

Academic Year Program (Fall, Winter, Spring Quarter)

  • Academic Year Mandatory & Optional Courses
  • Mandatory Courses

    1) Internship (8 units): Students work three-four days per week (24 - 32 hours). This leaves time for academic courses or research projects. Pass/No Pass Option Only. The units will show as WAS192 units on your transcript.

    2) Core Seminar Course (4 units): The units will show as WAS 192 and the core seminar course WAS 193 (which is equivalent to POL 193W).  units on your transcript. Students enroll in one upper-division core seminar course designed to put the internship in a scholastic framework. Please make sure to meet with your major advisor to see if you are able to receive course equivalency for the course to count toward your major. The core seminar is for a Letter Grade Only (you may not opt for pass/no pass).

    Optional Course

    1) Quarter Elective Course (4 units): Students have the option to enroll in an optional upper-division elective course offered by the UC Washington Center in DC. The Center offers a wide range of electives taught by faculty and local experts. Course offerings vary from term to term. 

    UC Davis Campus Courses

    Please check with a Washington Program Advisor if you would like to take virtual UC Davis campus courses simultaneously with the Washington Program in order to graduate on time. 

Summer Program (Summer Quarter Only)

  • Summer Program Credit vs. Non-Credit Option
  • Summer Academic Credit

    The Summer UCDC Program does not include core seminars like those that are offered in Fall, Winter, and Spring. While summer students do not have the option to take actual classes at the UCDC Center, those who want to receive academic credit for their internship may do so through their academic department, through UCDC specifically, or through the Washington Program by enrolling in special summer session. In order for students to earn credit they are required intern at an organization for 18-40 hours per week.  Students can also choose to do the internship for NO academic credit, but the time commitment remains the same. Regardless of which option you select, tuition is charged on a per unit basis as outlined on the Tuition and Fees page on the UC Davis Summer Sessions website. 

    See the below information regarding each of your options for receiving units:

    Internship units received through the UC Davis Washington Program (6 unit option available).

    Students who wish to receive their units through the UC Davis Washington Program should be aware of the following:

    1. Pass times. Continuing UC Davis undergraduate students do not need to submit a special application to apply to take courses during Summer Sessions. Watch for your Pass Time email from the Registrar's Office in mid-April and enroll in Schedule Builder. One Pass Time is assigned and applies to all Summer Sessions. Pass Times typically begin in April. If a student misses their pass time, they will be required to wait until open registration at which point they will be free to sign up for courses.

    2. How to sign up for units. To sign up for units through the UC Davis Washington Program, you should complete the following steps:

        Go to

        1. Click “Schedule builder”
        2. Type 60617 in the CRN search bar (Course name WAS 192 001)
        3. Click "Save"
        4. Under "Actions" click "Register
        5. Complete your registration

    Receive non-internship units through the UC Davis Campus

    Students have the option to sign up for online/remote coursework through the UC Davis Campus. While fully remote course offerings are somewhat limited, interested students should visit the UC Davis Summer Sessions website and schedule builder for details.

    Internship units received through your academic department

    Students who wish to get their units through their major department must first check with their academic department regarding their policy on how to receive credit for an internship. The ICC advising staff can also provide information about academic credit for an internship. The 92/192 form is typically used, although some departments use a department-specific form; check with your academic advisor for more information. Be sure to get the CRN # directly from the department. Additionally requirements may be needed from your department in order to receive the internship units. If you are a student majoring in Political Science, please be aware that the Political Science department does not offer internship units during the summer.


    Non-Credit Option 

    Students participating in the Summer UC Davis Washington Program are not required to take their internship for units. The non-credit option still requires that students participate in an internship, but, if a student chooses not to receive units for their internship, they will not be charged tuition. Students who choose to not receive units for their internship are not eligible for financial aid.
    Financial Aid 
    Students who wish to receive financial aid during summer quarters must be enrolled in, and complete, a minimum of 6 units. Students may accomplish this through any combination of the available methods by which students may receive units. Please visit the Program Financial Aid Page and the Summer Financial Aid page for more information.
    Transcript Notation

    Students can also receive transcript notation for their internship. To receive transcript notation, students must request it through the ICC's transcript notation process. 

How do I sign up for my courses during academic quarters? 

  • Course Enrollment (Seminar) Instructions
  • Upon acceptance into the program, you will NOT need to sign up for any courses through the UC Davis campus during any of your pass times if you are only pursuing the Washington Program. Please check with a Washington Program Advisor if you would like to take UC Davis REMOTE campus courses simultaneously with the Washington Program in order to graduate on time. 

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