Course Information

Course information

One of the many advantages of taking courses at the Washington Center in DC is the small class sizes. Students have incredible access to professors. They receive a hands-on learning experience and frequent interaction with faculty. The smaller classes offer an unparalleled learning environment. Faculty at the UCDC Center pride themselves on teaching and creating an interactive learning environment. To see a list of courses offered by the UCDC Washington Center in DC go here.  

UC Davis students looking to participate in the UC Davis Washington Program are responsible for checking with their campus major advisors to ensure the UC Davis courses taken in DC can be applied to their major, minor, graduation, general education, and college breadth requirements. Students are encouraged to talk about their DC course options with an advisor in their college or department.

Each department on campus has a different procedure for petitioning major/minor credit for DC coursework. However, UC Davis offers the following advice on what information will be needed for departmental advisors to assist with the petition:

  • Course syllabus
  • Course textbook name or reading list

Academic Quarter Program (11 weeks)

Students earn academic credit and continue to be registered as full-time UC Davis students during the quarter in which they participate in the Washington Program. Courses are taught by Washington Program faculty appointed by the various UC campuses, or visiting faculty from the Washington area. Students have the opportunity to learn in a small classroom environment.

Mandatory Courses

  1. Internship (8 units): Students work three to four days per week (24-32 hours). This leaves time for academic courses and/or research projects. Pass/No Pass Option Only.  Listed under POL 192.
  2. Core Seminar (4 units): Each student enrolls in one upper-division core seminar course. The centerpiece of the academic curriculum is the weekly research (core) seminar designed to put the internship in a scholastic framework. Courses are taught by visiting UC professors, UCDC instructors, and local Washington DC experts. Most seminars meet once a week for three hours. Students typically take the day off from their internships on the day their seminar meets. Students are free to choose any seminar which best suits their interests or internship. Letter Grade Option Only - No Pass/Pass option. Listed under POL 193 or WAS 193.

Optional Course

  1. Quarter Elective Course (4 units): Each student may enroll in one upper-division elective course. The UC Washington Center offers a wide range of electives taught by faculty and local experts. Most electives meet one evening a week at the UCDC building. Course offerings vary from term to term.


Summer Program (10 weeks)

The Washington Program also offers a 10-week credit option OR non-credit option Summer Program.

If you choose the credit option, you will enroll in 8 units for the internship. Just as on campus, tuition prices are based on a per-unit cost and application fees may apply. If eligible, students may apply financial aid to the program. Please see the financial aid page for more information. NOTE: Courses are NOT offered during the summer.


The non-credit option has no tuition fees and you will not earn academic credit, but can receive transcript notation for their internship. However, students cannot apply financial aid to the program because they are not receiving academic credit.