Petition for Housing Contract Release

Petition for Housing Contract Release

The UCDC housing contract is a legally binding contract. All UC Davis Washington Program participants’ housing contracts are for a full quarter unless you previously opted to extend your contract for a longer period.  Please note that financial hardship, a different opportunity, not securing an internship, or a change of mind does not warrant release from the contract.

Students are certainly allowed to remove themselves from participation in the UCDC Program, however, they must petition separately to be released from their legal obligation to pay the UC Washington Center housing cost. The agreed upon sum as outlined in Section 4A and 4B of their signed housing contract. Section 4A reads:

"The RESIDENT shall be obligated to pay the UNIVERSITY in accordance with the payment provisions provided by the RESIDENT´s home campus regardless of whether the RESIDENT takes occupancy of premises after the commencement of the term of residency or vacates the premises before the term of residency expires."

Students who drop from the program but do not seek termination of their housing contract will still be required to pay the housing cost. Termination of contract by the student is only allowable under Section 8 of the signed housing contract which outlines that a release from contract is under the sole discretion of the Director of the UCDC Program (or their designee). A petition for housing contract release will be considered if the student provides verification and/or documentation of the following:

  • The student has an extreme circumstance or condition that precludes their involvement in the UCDC Program.
  • The student’s circumstance or condition originated after the UCDC Contract was signed, and over which the participant has little or no control.

It is important to reiterate that students must provide written verification and/or documentation to support their claim. Students who are found to have submitted falsified documentation in support of their petition for release from their housing contract will have their petition denied and will be referred to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs for corrective action.

To petition for release from your housing contract, see the following form with its accompanying instructions: Petition for Release of Housing Contract.