Airport Transportation

Please plan to arrive at the Washington Center during check-in hours when making your plane reservations. Consult the individual airport websites for information regarding up-to-date ground transportation and Metro accessibility. Find additional information for arriving students here

Reagan National Airport (DCA)

This airport is 5 miles from the Washington Center.

Ground Transportation from Reagan National Airport to the Center:

Taxicabs are available at the exits of each terminal. One-way to the Washington Center is 5 miles; the approximate cost is $20.00.

Super Shuttle: Approximate cost is $15.00 one way. Follow the Ground Transportation signs outside the baggage claim area. / 1-800-BLUE-VAN (258-3826).

Metrorail: Consider only if you don't have a lot of luggage.

  1. Follow signs in the airport to the airport’s Metro station.
  2. Take the Metro blue line train in the direction of Addison Road.
  3. Exit the train at Farragut West station. Use the 17th Street exit from the station.
  4. Upon leaving the station, turn left and walk one block to 17th St.
  5. Turn left on 17th and walk 4 blocks north to Rhode Island Ave. NW.
  6. Turn right on Rhode Island Ave.
  7. The center is the second building on the right next to the parking lot.
  8. Fare: one-way to Washington Center - $1.35. (See for more info)

Dulles International Airport (IAD)

This airport is 27 miles from the Washington Center.

Ground Transportation from Dulles:

  1. Super Shuttle: The approximate cost is $30.00 one-way. Catch the shuttle outside the lower level of the main terminal, at Curb 1D or 1F. or call 1-800-BLUE-VAN (258-3826).
  2. Washington Flyer Taxicabs: Offers 24-hour service to and from the airport. Taxis are located at the East and West ramps on the lower level of the Main Terminal. For more information call 703-661-6655. One-way to the Washington Center is 30 miles. The approximate cost is $60.
  3. Washington Flyer Coach to Metro: Will take you to Metro’s West Falls Church Station where you can board the Metro and take it to the Center. Coach one way is $8.00; the metro fare is $2.30. You may purchase tickets at the Washington Flyer desk near the baggage claim area. The last coach leaves Dulles at 10:15 pm. Consider this option only if you don’t have much luggage.

Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI)

This airport is 32 miles from the UC Washington Center.

Flights into this airport can be cheaper than those into Reagan National or Dulles, but transportation to DC is comparatively more expensive.

Ground Transportation from BWI:

  1. Super Shuttle: Follow airport signs to Ground Transportation. The cost is $35 one-way. For further information check out the website or call 1-800-BLUE-VAN (258-3826).
  2. Taxi: approximate cost is $73.00

For more information, call 410-859-1100.

The BWI taxi stand is located just outside of the baggage claim area of the lower level of the airport.

Ground Transportation

Metro Rail Information

Metro Rail Fares

Metro fares vary depending on the distance traveled and the time of day (fares are higher during rush hour). Fare card machines are located in every station. There are no change machines in stations and fare card machines provide only up to $5 in change (in coins). See the metro rail fare website for more information.

Metro Rail Hours (Metro Map)

Sunday 7:00 am - Midnight
Monday - Thursday 5:00 am - Midnight
Friday 5:00 am - 3:00 am Saturday
Saturday 7:00 am - 3:00 am Sunday

Metro Station Near UC Washington Center
(1608 Rhode Island Ave, NW -- also known as Scott Circle)

Dupont Circle, Farragut North, and Farragut West are the Metro stops closest to the UC Washington Center. They are each approximately equidistant from the UC Center.

Metro Station Directions to the UC Center
Dupont Circle - South Exit
Red Line
  1. Walk down 19th Street two blocks to M St.
  2. Turn left.
  3. Cross Connecticut Ave.
  4. Follow signs for Rhode Island Ave. and walk 2 blocks to the Center.
Farragut North - L Street Exit. (far end of the platform)
Red Line
  1. Turn left and walk one block to 17th Street.
  2. Turn left on 17th Street and walk three blocks to Rhode Island Ave.
  3. Turn right. The Center is the second building on the right (past the parking lot).
Farragut West-17th & I Sts. Exit
  1. Walk north on 17th Street (Toward K Street).
  2. Turn right on K Street.
  3. Turn left on 17th Street.
  4. Turn right on Rhode Island Ave. The Center is the second building on the right (past the parking lot).

Metro Bus Information

Metro Bus Fares

Metro bus fares vary depending on the route and whether you use a SmarTrip card (fares are discounted when using a SmarTrip card). Metro bus drivers do not provide change so make sure you have the exact fare if using cash. You should consider getting a SmarTrip card so you can take advantage of the discounted rates and transfer credit. See the metro rail fare web page for more information.

Metro Bus Hours

Metro bus hours depend on the routes and the days. Some routes do not run on holidays or weekends. Most bus routes have Mon-Fri schedules, Saturday schedules, and Sunday schedules. Make sure that you check schedules for round trip routes (getting there and returning) online using the Trip Planner ( so you know what options are available.

Fare Cards & SmarTrip Cards

Fare Cards

You are able to purchase single paper fare cards and/or passes (good for a period of time) at any metro station. Metro fare cards only serve as valid payment for metro rail fares. You cannot pay for the bus using a paper fare card.

SmarTrip Cards

If you will be traveling frequently on the metro system (bus, metro, or both) you should consider purchasing a SmarTrip card. A SmarTrip card is a permanent, rechargeable, plastic fare card (like a credit card) that can hold up to $300 in Metro value. SmarTrip cards are more durable than the paper fare card alternatives and allow for discounted bus rates and transfer discounts that you would not be able to take advantage of if you were paying cash/ using a fare card. You can also register SmarTrip cards online so you can recover the value of the SmarTrip card if you lose it or it is stolen.

You can purchase SmarTrip cards online, at Giant grocery stores, at CVS stores, and at some of the metro stations. You can register your card on the WMATA website and set up an account so you can add value to your SmarTrip card online. You can also add money to your SmarTrip card at the fare card vending machines in each of the stations. See the SmarTrip web page for more information (

Taxi Information

Taxicabs are easy to find in Washington. Fares are metered, and tend to be more reasonable if you are traveling within Washington than if you travel from Washington into Virginia or Maryland. In Virginia, cabs are metered according to the distance you travel. You should tip drivers an average of 10% of your fare, depending on the service you receive (plus $1.00 per bag if you have luggage). Always use licensed taxis – never get into a taxi unless it is licensed and the driver has a license displayed in the front of the taxi.

Getting around in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia

The Washington area has an excellent public transportation system, consisting of an integrated network of rail lines and bus routes. There is extensive information about the Metrorail and Metrobus system on the system's website:

One good way to determine the fastest way to get to a new destination is by using the Trip Planner ( You just plug in your starting point and your destination and it will tell you all the different ways to get there using the bus and rail systems. Caution: Always allow for more time than calculated by the Trip Planner because you may run into delays using the metro.

Planning your commute: Some students in the past have been hesitant to look at internships in Northern Virginia and Maryland, but in some cases, they may be closer/easier to get to than internships in DC. A good way to see the length and cost of your commute is to use the trip planner on (Washington Area Metro Authority). Just enter in your starting address at the Washington Center (1608 Rhode Island Avenue, NW) and the address of the internship organization. Remember to always choose to arrive before 8:30am on a weekday so that you can get the cost and the timing for a rush-hour commute (more buses/trains run during rush hour and the rates are higher). The trip planner will give you the train and rail routes that are available, the length of the commute, the cost, and the distance you will have to walk for the different options.