Financial Aid

General Information

The UC Davis Washington Program is scheduled to be in-person in Washington DC!

All forms of financial aid (UC, state, and federal) are available to students participating in the Washington Program. The cost will be adjusted according to the cost of living in DC.

Financial Aid notification typically occurs before the start of the program. Once notified, you can view and accept your aid on the UC Davis MyAwards website. Financial aid will be disbursed by the UC Davis Student Accounting office. Make sure you talk to someone in the Financial aid office before applying to determine how your financial aid will apply!  The program also has a variety of scholarships for accepted students.  

Quarter Program

The Washington Program office sends a list of participants to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, where financial aid packages are compiled. Their office will adjust aid awards to meet the increased cost of the program.

Summer Program

The summer program is slightly different from the quarter program. Students who need to receive units in order to receive financial aid should ensure they have explored all options available to them prior to signing the UCDC housing contract.

Students participating in the summer UCDC program and who are eligible for financial aid must enroll in at least 6 units of coursework in order to qualify for aid. Students may opt to receive units during the summer through one of the following means:

  1. Their Major Department. Students who would like to receive 192 units through their department should reach out to their major advisor as soon as possible to discuss this possibility. 
  2. Summer Sessions Online Courses (the most up-to-date list of online course offerings can be found on schedule builder)
  3. Through UCDC's agreement with UCLA that allows students to receive 192 units. (See the following page for information regarding how UC Davis students can receive financial aid while receiving units through a different UC: UC Davis Students Attending Summer at Another UC). Students who wish to use this method to receive units MUST inform Washington Program staff in order to ensure proper enrollment.

Summer aid will be available through your MyAwards account in late-May. Please submit an online summer financial aid application, available on the summer financial aid webpage. For more general information about financial aid during the summer, please refer to the summer financial aid website.

Additional Helpful Information:

  • For students who have not yet filed a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application, learn more about filing an application and be sure to include the UC Davis school code 001313.
  • View quarterly UC Davis financial aid deadlines and refund dates on the important dates webpage.
  • Set up direct deposit through the UC Davis Student Accounting Office.
  • Watch for emails from the UC Davis Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.
  • Washington Program participants can only enroll at the UCDC sponsored campus.  Multiple campus enrollments are not allowed.
  • If course and program fees are due before financial aid is available, please discuss deferment options with Washington Program staff.