Sasha Lekach

Sasha Lekach

Sasha Lekach


How has your experience with the Washington Program affected your career trajectory?

After working for a local TV news station I was able to find another TV station internship in Sacramento the following summer and from there, my resume showed more and more experience at different types of media outlets. Having the chance to spend three months at a job while in DC let me see the inside of an industry I would normally have had to wait for a summer or post-grad opportunity.

How have your career goals evolved since your participation in the Washington Program?

I interned at NBC Washington working for the "About Town" section of the website.

Before working at NBC Washington, I was focused on print news and working for a newspaper.

This opened my eyes to the digital/online sections of media organizations -- such as the website of a TV station. Now I'm pursuing a career with an online news outlet.

What advice do you have for Washington Program participants with similar career interests?

Think outside the box. Sure there are traditional internships at the major newspapers and media outlets, but a journalism internship can range from a podcast producer to a web editor to a blogger.