Garrett Nasworthy

Participated in: Winter 2008

Majors: International Relations & Spanish

Internship Organization: House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs

Current Position: International Trade Compliance Advocate (Supervisor) Mexico, 

PerkinElmer Health Sciences, Inc.


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What was your overall experience with the Washington Program?

The key for me in UCDC was that it allowed me to dip my feet into the professional world with a fast paced legislative internship and get real world experience in a vibrant new city.The experience living and going out on the town in D.C. while living in the University of California building really was fantastic and unforgettable. I got to meet many international students in D.C. as well as from other U.C. campuses. The networking opportunities provided in this environment were also excellent.

What was the most important thing you learned while participating in the program?

One of the most important things I learned in the UCDC program is what I did NOT want to do. The internship in Congress really was an important experience, but I did learn that working in the public/government sector really was not the path I was looking to take. I recommend taking an internship in the public sector in the UCDC program if you are in Political Science/International Relations at a UC, it will help you determine if a career path in the government is really for you or not.

What is your number one tip for program participants?

Arrive prepared to dive into a very fast-paced, intense and rigorous professional environment in D.C. It is a city of action and you may be overwhelmed at first, but if you prepare yourself researching your internship/UCDC requirements and contacting your superiors at the internship beforehand it will be an easier transition when you arrive.