How to Submit Your Application Packet

What’s the Right Way to Put My Materials Together?

Now that you’ve put together the best application materials possible, it’s important to submit them properly. Even though this is a seemingly small step, you’d be surprised how many people make mistakes while doing this! Getting this step right will impress the internship coordinator.

It is very important to follow the organization’s instructions exactly!

  • Only submit the documents they explicitly request.
    • If they need any other documents from you, they will request them at a later date.
  • Be sure the documents are in whatever format they request (.pdf, .docx, etc.)
  • If they want you to use a certain subject line in your email or to save your documents with specific titles, be sure you do this

And if they don’t say how I should submit my materials?

  • Combine all of your application materials into one PDF document.
    • Documents should be saved in the following order: Cover Letter, Resume, Writing Sample, References, etc.
    • Save it as: Last Name, First Name – [Organization Name] Application

How should I draft the email sending my application?

  • In the subject line of the email, reference the entire position title and ID number, if it has one.
  • Write a brief yet professional email stating your interest in applying for the position, and that you have attached your application materials. if you need help, look at our email templates.
  • Include a full signature in your email with your full name, your college and major, email, and phone number. You can find an example of this under our email templates as well. 

And don't forget to proofread!

  • Make sure there are no grammar mistakes in your email or in your application materials.
  • Check that your email and cover letter are addressed to the correct person and organization.
  • Ensure that you have attached the correct application materials for that organization.