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Subsidized Unpaid Interns Program (SUIP)

TBA: Pending Funding

What is SUIP?

The Subsidized Unpaid Interns Program (SUIP) is a University of California UCDC initiative which aims to provide pay equity among participants, regardless of whether their internships are paid or unpaid. SUIP will provide up to a $1,000 subsidy to students with unpaid internships, or a payment to make up the difference if their internships pay less than $1,000. The initiative aligns with UCDC's mission to ensure all UC Davis students can participate in the program. SUIP is only available during the academic year and is not offered during the summer quarter. Students are automatically enrolled in the program, therefore, they do not need to apply, but they need to meet the criteria below:

Initial Eligibility:

Students who are receiving less than $1,000 payment for the work conducted during their internship are potentially eligibly. If you are currently receiving financial aid and have concerns about how the SUIP award will impact your eligibility, or if you are not sure if you can receive additional scholarship funds, it is recommended to reach out to your Financial Aid advisor for clarification.

Students may also opt-out of SUIP on the Work Plan form if needed.

Provide a Work Plan:

Students must submit their Work Plans by a specific date for the SUIP award, unless approved by their internship advisor, Dione Smith, who can be reached at

Award Processing

Once awards are calculated, students will receive an email confirming the amount and processing timeframe.

SUIP Contact Information

For additional questions contact Dione Smith at 

Website for detailed information and FAQs.


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