Basic Needs and Wellness Resources

Basic Needs and Wellness Resources

Program Updates

The UC Davis Washington Program is scheduled to be in-person in Washington DC! 

UCDC Program Updates:

Mental Wellness 

We understand that students may feel an increased level of stress as a result of the spread of the coronavirus. During this sensitive time, we highly encourage you to actively seek the help you need. Remote UC Davis mental health resources are available to students for short-term counseling, and crisis hotlines are available for students experiencing emergency situations.  All Mental Health Crisis Consultation Services are offered via phone consultation or secure video conferencing. Call 530-752-0871 to access these services.

On-Campus Resources

Housing Resources

Stable housing is a primary concern for all students. If you do not currently have access to stable housing, please refer to the following resources.

Aggie Compass

The Aggie Compass is a comfortable space for students to receive help and resources about housing, food, and financial security, as well as mental wellness.

Facebook Groups:


Additional Resources:

Financial Security

We understand that students may be facing financial stress at this time. If your workplace or personal income has been affected by closures related to the coronavirus, please utilize the following resources.

Aggie Compass

UC Davis Economic Crisis Page

Short-Term Financial Resources:

UC Davis Financial Aid:

Food Security 

If you or someone you know is facing any food insecurities, please refer to the following resources.

Reference Websites

Free/Reduced Cost Food Programs

Financial Support Programs


Aggies at Home

To support students during suspended operations, Campus Recreation has created the Aggies at Home website, which covers topics like how to work from home, at-home workouts, managing your free time and more.