Kavita Anand

Participated in: Spring 2010

Major: Economics & International Relations 

Internship Organization: Congressional Management Foundation/Intern

Current Position: MBA Candidate at Wharton

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kavitaanand05

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How has your experience with the Washington Program affected your career trajectory?

Doing the UCDC program, along with the research curriculum and internship, gave me a lot of exposure to the different kinds of career opportunities. During the Washington Program, I was doing research on microfinance in India, and while in the thick of the research, I got a chance to attend a talk by Mohammad Yunus, the biggest name in microfinance at the time. It was a very exciting opportunity, where I had the chance to hear from thought leaders and attend exciting events about current issues.

Do you have any advice for future Washington Program participants? 

The UCDC program has a lot to offer in terms of electives and courses, and the city culture lends itself to a very enriching environment.  In addition to the academic and experiential opportunities, I made some really good friends during the UCDC program from other UCs. It was definitely one of the highlights of my time at Davis.