Trent Adler

Trent Adler

Major: Political Science

Trent Adler

Tell us about your internship – what kind of work did you do? What did you find rewarding?

As a legislative intern for Congresswoman Napolitano I participated in a variety of tasks. During my internship I gathered news clips for important policy areas each morning, answered phone calls from constituents and other congressional offices, attended briefings for staff members, and wrote constituent letters. I found writing constituent letters to be especially rewarding because often times I learned about a policy area that was new to me, and I was able to research the issue and respond to constituents all over the California 32nd district.

Have your career or life goals changed as a result of your internship? If so, how? 

I still intend to go to law school and become a lawyer after college, but my internship piqued my interest in the policy areas of mental health and water. After attending a few briefings on mental health and doing policy research in the area, I am more passionate about increasing access to mental health care for everyday Americans. Additionally, as a proud Californian resident I know that we must continue to improve water conservation efforts amidst ongoing drought, and after hearing the Congresswoman discuss the importance of water, I am inspired to continue advocacy for conservation.

Share an exciting memory from your internship – something unexpected, an accomplishment, someone you met. 

I did not expect to have such a welcoming office in my internship. Everyone in my office was extremely personable and I felt very comfortable working with them. I was personally able to have policy discussions with my congresswoman on a few occasions, and she taught us how to make a few different recipes from salsa to guacamole in the office! Also I am proud of accomplishing writing over 50 constituent letters, and personally presenting memos from briefings directly to the Congresswoman.

Did your internship lead to any opportunities?

My internship allowed me full access to the capitol building, lecture series with other members of congress, a white house tour, and special seating on the capitol steps for the 4th of July. As far as career opportunities it has not led to anything yet, though my chief of staff offered if I ever need a letter of recommendation to please contact the office and stay in touch.

Share a story about something special you did in Washington – an event you attended, a place you went, an exciting talk, etc. 

While in Washington, my friends and I were able to secure same day tickets for Hamilton at the Kennedy Center that ended up being in the front row! Also we went to multiple baseball games including the congressional baseball game, and my apartment mate caught a home run ball at Camden Yards in Baltimore.

How has living in the nation’s capital for a quarter changed you?

I think I have a greater appreciation for the behind the scenes of government work in Congress. As a political science major I've spent the last few years learning all about this place, but living here really put things into perspective.

Do you have any advice for future UCDC students?

Try to make the most of every opportunity or activity offered here!

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