Program Preparation Guidelines: Freshman Students

Welcome to UC Davis! Your first year is an exciting time to explore all the opportunities UC Davis has to offer. Students should try and take advantage of all the opportunities and resources offered by UC Davis and start to explore different career paths. The information below will help you with the steps you can take r toward being eligible to participant in the Washington Program.

What can I work on now?

  • Learn about the Washington Program. Go ahead and visit our website to sign up for peer advising, come to an info session, or send us an email. Let us know what questions you have and explore what interning in DC can offer you.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to prepare a four year plan and decide which quarter(s) would be best to plan to go to DC.
  • Visit the ICC and set up a Handshake account to check out what jobs/ internships are available and take advantage of the advising and workshops provided through the Internship and Career Center. This is also a great place to have your resume and cover letter reviewed and get advice about interviewing.
  • Explore different career paths. Visit career fairs, get a part time job, volunteer, secure an internship— figure out what you want to do when you graduate. This makes it easier to find an internship once you are in the Washington Program.
  • Build relationships with supervisors and faculty members. These people can help provide letters of recommendation for our program and your internships. They also may be able to offer advice regarding where to apply when it comes time to find an internship in DC.
  • Gain professional experience. Getting a job or internship is a great way to meet people on campus or in Davis. Having professional experience also makes you a more competitive candidate when it comes time to apply to internships.
  • Stay academically strong. We look at your transcript when making our decision. Make sure you prioritize your studies so your transcript supports your application. If you find yourself struggling, look to resources on campus for support.
  • Join our listserv. We send students on our listserv lots of helpful information about new developments with the program, changes in deadlines, and special events. Sign up so that we can let you know the latest and greatest about the Washington Program!
  • Friend us, pin us, and follow us! Check out our LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter pages to learn more about the program, Washington Program participants, and receive all the updates.

Attend an Information Session

Meet Washington Program staff and ambassadors! Come join us for a brief overview of the program followed by a Q & A session. For more information on time, date, and room, visit this page

Meet with an Advisor

Our office is in The Grove (formerly Surge III), Room 1350. We welcome you to come in during our drop-in advising hours or email us to schedule an appointment if you have any questions! 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you answer any questions you may have about the program!