Phone Interviews

Phone Interviews
  • When scheduling the interview, make sure you know:
    • The time of the interview (keeping in mind the 3 hour time difference)
    • Who will be calling whom (we recommend that you call the interviewer)
    • The correct phone number to call
  • Ahead of time, choose a quiet room where you receive good phone reception.
    • Make a test call to a family member or friend to check that the reception is clear.
  • Be sure that your phone is fully charged.
  • Have your application and other relevant documents (job description, resume, cover letter, references, etc.) with you so that you can refer to them during the interview.
  • If interviewing at home, ask your roommates to not disturb you and minimize distractions.
  • During the interview:
    • Be sure to smile! It makes a big difference in the tone of your voice and how confident you sound.
    • Standing up while talking has the best impact on the projection and tone of your voice. You can sit upright at a desk also, but do not lay down on your bed or sit on the couch.
    • Dressing up (at least a little) for the interview will help you feel more professional.
    • Do not get distracted by anything else – focus only on the interviewer!
    • It can be a good idea to have a pen and paper with you to jot down notes about things you want to ask the interviewer later or important information that they provide you.
  • Prepare answers to the most common interview questions and have bullet point notes – these are only to jog your memory! Reading off a page will sound unnatural.