Business Cards

When you are engaged in networking, it is important to have business cards with your contact information on them in order to hand them out to people you meet. You never know who you will meet out and about, so always be sure to keep some with you!


  • Make sure that the design is clean and professional.
  • Suggested websites to use: Vista Print, Minted and Tiny Print.
  • Be realistic about the number of cards you will need. Printing only a small number of cards will save you money.
  • What to include on your card:
    • Name
    • Email and phone number (be sure your email address and voicemail are professional)
    • School and major/minor
    • Expected graduation year
  • What not to include on your card: 
    • UC Davis or UCDC logo (unless approved by our team) 
    • Unprofessional email address