Director, Cheryl Purifoy

Cheryl Purifoy


Welcome to the UC Davis Washington Program! This is a great time to be a part of the program as it continues its growth and influence in the nation’s capital.

Hands-on learning is one of the favorite and most meaningful parts of the Washington Program experience. An experience that offers unparalleled access to a wide range of internship opportunities. I encourage you to take academic and professional risks in an environment that is both challenging and supportive. With the careful guidance of our exceptional staff and student assistants, you will discover your individual passions while learning to embrace multiple perspectives.

You will learn to evaluate and research what you hear, read or see, and in the process, you will take control of your career path, and gain more self-confidence and become more competitive. Graduating with a quarter of practical work experience in the field of your interest will give you a significant advantage in pursuing your career goals. 

Whatever your interests and career goals, the Washington Program will prepare you well for a variety of professional roles, as well as for graduate school.


Chad Higgs

Program Assistant

I am the Program Assistant for the Washington Program. A large portion of my role with the Washington Program is to advise students as they discover their passions and assist in helping them find avenues to achieve their goals. I know the transition from being a full-time student to student intern can be difficult at times, and I enjoy the chance I have to make that a smoother transition. The Washington Program offers students the opportunity to have valuable life experiences that they would not be able to gain elsewhere and I am incredibly excited to play a small part in the success of individual students.  


Sammi Chen

Student Advisor
Specialty Area: Advising Liaison

I am a fourth-year undergraduate currently double majoring in Communication and Cognitive Science. I was part of the Summer 2017 cohort for the UC Davis Washington Program, where I had the opportunity to intern at a non-profit organization called Prosperity Now as part of their Racial Wealth Divide Initiative. The program provided me a life-changing experience, from immersing myself in our nation's unique history though its monuments and museums, attending networking events such as the White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders Youth Summit at Google DC, to travelling to nearby cities like New York and Philadelphia. I hope to funnel the same drive and excitement in prospective UC Davis students as my role as the advising liaison for the program!


Anna Fogarty

Student Advisor
Specialty Area: Social Media and Marketing Effectiveness Coordinator

I am a fourth-year history major with minors in education, professional writing, and statistics. As a participant in the Summer 2017 Cohort, I worked as a Daily Programs Intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. There I interacted with visitors on the museum floor, discussing topics ranging from colonial chocolate making to the rising popularity of ice cubes in the 1930s to the Star Spangled Banner. My experience with the Washington Program and the National Museum of American History reignited my passion for history education which I will take to the classroom after graduation. 

Amy Rong

Amy Rong

Student Advisor
Specialty Area: Workshop Development and Maintenance Coordinator

I am a fourth-year undergraduate, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education. As part of the Spring 2017 Cohort, I interned at Institute for Educational Leadership, where I gained insight about technical assistance providers in the fields of education, disability/transition services, and career development. The Washington Program provided me a unique opportunity to combine my coursework and internship, and ultimately I was able to research methods toward addressing successful, disability-inclusive study abroad programs. I hope to use my experience to assist students as they prepare to embark on an amazing learning experience in our nation's capital. 

Sammy Carey

Sammy Carey

Student Advisor
Specialty Area: Website Coordinator

I am a fourth-year undergraduate pursuing a double major in Political Science and Classical Civilizations (aka Latin and Greek). During my time at UC Davis, I have taken advantage of the wide range of opportunities presented to me including the Washington Program. I went to Washington, DC in the Winter of 2017 during the changing of the administration. While I was there, I interned for a legal non-profit organization called DC Law Students in Court. At this law firm, I served in the role of a Program Operations intern which entailed serving subpoenas, transcribing police videos, assisting with the development of arguments, and taking notes during court trials.This internship is exactly what I needed to prepare me for road to becoming an attorney. I hope to help everyone who is interested in the Washington Program take advantage of what is before them!

April West

April West

Student Advisor
Specialty Area: General Program Administration and Student Advising

I am a fourth year Managerial Economics major with a Political Science minor and I was a member of the Fall 2016 cohort for the UC Davis Washington Program where I was a civil litigation intern at the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia. My internship provided me with the confidence I needed to not only pursue law school, but to help ensure that a career as an attorney is something I am excited to see myself undertake in the future. The OAG showed me the captivating side to trial prep, that the courtroom isn't as scary as it seems, and that the law and helping others are two of my greatest passions. As a peer adviser for the Washington Program, I am motivated to help prospective students go from UC to DC! I look forward to helping Aggies from all majors pursue the internship of their dreams in the heart of the nation's capital.

UC Washington Program Staff In D.C.

Contacts for Washington Program Participants only

Name Title/Role Email Phone Number
Alfreda Brock Senior Program Administrator/Internship Search (202) 974-6391
Karina Castellanos Program Administrator/General Program Questions (202) 974-6351
Chantal Quintero Senior Program Administrator/Internship Search (202) 974-6381
Josh Brimmeier Residental Services/Housing Questions (202) 974-6214