Washington DC in Spring

Welcome to the Washington Program Resource Page!

Whether you are a prospective applicant or a current program participant, you can find all the resources you need in the resource manual pages! Here is an overview of what each page contains:

Subleasing Your Current Housing

Each quarter, students come from other UC campuses to participate in the UC Center Sacramento Program. In order to put your housing information out for a prospective sublet, please complete the following form: UCCS Sublease Form


  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Internship Search
  • Interview Skills

Finding an Internship

  • Methods to start your search
  • How to find internships
  • Internship search engines
  • Internship search log

Compiling your Application

  • How to write a resume and cover leter
  • Tips on writing samples, reference lists, recommendation letters, and transcripts
  • Submitting your application materials

Professional Correspondence

  • Tips and templates of emails
  • Emails to internship coordinators about internship openings, application materials, interviews, and offers
  • Emails for networking purposes

Interview Skills

  • Interview tips
  • Interview situations
  • Sample questions and responses

Being Professional

  • Dressing for success
  • Succeeding in your internship
  • Networking

Life in D.C.

  • The City
  • Transportation
  • Weather
  • Events