Questions About Remote Courses

  • Do I have to take UCDC classes? Can I take classes at my home campus?
  • In addition to your internship, you are required to take a seminar from UCDC. If you wish to take an elective, you may select from our offerings, or in most cases, those offered by your campus.   
  • Will I receive academic units for participating in a remote UCDC program?
  • Yes, all students earn academic units for their internship and UCDC seminar. Students that choose – and some are required – to take an additional elective will be able to receive units for those courses as well.
  • What can I anticipate from the seminars/courses being offered?
  • You can find preliminary information about seminars and electives online. You will find course titles and  descriptions, faculty bios, and syllabus outlines. The schedule of classes will be forthcoming. Our faculty are working to adapt their in-person courses to online courses. All seminars include individual research and writing assignments as their primary requirements. Other assignments depend on the subject matter and instructor – and adaptation to remote instruction – but in the past have included quizzes, presentations, infographics, video projects, group discussions, and more. Electives may include midterm and final exams.
  • What courses will be offered?
  • You will find course titles and descriptions, faculty bios, and syllabus outlines on line here. Information about Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 courses will be available later in the year, about October and January, respectively.
  • Who are the instructors and what will they bring to the classroom experience?
  • Our instructors are experts in policy, government and media who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to UCDC courses. Currently, they are all imaginative and experienced teachers. They are working on transforming their in-person courses into online courses for the Fall Term. You can read their bios attached to the different courses.
  • What time will the classes be?
  • We have not yet determined the time of day that classes will be offered in the Fall Term but we will be considering the three-hour time difference between DC and California and general internship schedules when we make the decision. We will let you know as soon as we can about the schedule of classes. All fall classes will include a live (synchronous) component but will also have a recorded or other non-live (asynchronous) component. We know that there is a need for face-to-face instruction but also flexibility for student schedules, technology challenges, Zoom fatigue, and more.
  • What platforms will be used for instruction? Communication with peers?
  • Instructors are likely to use some combination of Canvas, Zoom, Slack, and email for conducting class and communicating with students.
  • How do I enroll for classes?
  • In addition to being enrolled on campus, you will be required to enroll in courses through UCDC’s enrollment system. Instructions will be sent to student after they have committed to participating in the program.
  • What date will instruction begin?
  • Dates for Winter 2021 and Spring 2021 will be forthcoming.
  • When can students expect updates about the academic program?
  • We will provide you updates on a rolling basis, as soon as we have specific information about a topic. 
  • Can students be enrolled part-time in UCDC for internship credits only?
  • No. All students must enroll in a UCDC seminar for 4 credit hours as well.

For further questions regarding UCDC academics, please contact Sabrin Said, Administrator of Academic Service, at Sabrin.said@ucdc.edu

Questions About Remote Internships

  • What kind of work will I do as a remote intern?
  • Remote assignments mirror those given out in person. Projects vary from one organization to another and could include research, analysis, news monitoring, social media management, or logistical support. Employers are encouraged to assign projects that relate to the overall goal of the organization and short-term projects helping with the day-to-day work of the office. 
  • Where can I find a list of organizations that are offering remote internships?
  • We’ve been distributing a newsletter to fall students each Wednesday since May with internship leads and will continue to update you through September. Winter and spring students will receive similar updates in the future. Remote internships can also be identified in our database by clicking on the COVID-19 banner. The list will grow as internship sites firm up fall plans.
  • What are the dates for the remote internships at UCDC?
  • Fall Quarter students are expected to intern from September 22 to December 4, 2020. Extended Quarter students can begin their internship on August 25 or September 9. (Please consult with your Program Administrator if you are considering these dates.)
    Future terms:
    Winter Quarter internships are from January 5 to March 12, 2021
    Spring Quarter internships are from March 22 to June 4, 2021
    Quarter students are welcome to enroll in semester length internships if they choose. Talk to your program administrator for details.
  • How many hours per week are students expected to work?
  • Students intern 24-32 hours of work per week. Schedules are determined by agreement between the internship supervisor and the student. Additional hours are permitted if both parties agree.
  • Will remote internships be compensated?
  • Some positions include compensation, though a majority are unpaid.  You should inquire about pay when you apply or interview with organizations. We encourage internship sites to offer compensation when possible. There are no restrictions on UCDC students receiving compensation while also receiving academic credit. 
  • Will a remote internship increase my chance of securing other internships or employment after the closures are lifted?
  • The ability to connect with employers in a remote professional setting is a great asset. Since March, thousands of organizations in the DC area have sent employees home and shifted to remote operations.  Your creativity, collaboration, empathy, desire to learn, and your flexibility during such an extraordinary time are qualities that future employers will value.  The connections you make and the experiences you will be able to share will make you a stronger candidate for future opportunities. 
  • Can I participate in an internship hosted by an organization that is not located in Washington, DC?
  • The organization must have its headquarters or a substantial presence in the DC area. UCDC has a large network and continues to develop new possibilities.  If you have questions, talk to your program administrator. 
  • What if the stay at home order is lifted in Washington, DC, and the office reopens?
  • We have instructed internship sites that they may not change the terms of their internships once a student commits.  For further information about internships, contact your program administrator. Mike Nieto, Michael.nieto@ucdc.edu: Davis, Irvine, Riverside

Questions About Other Remote Programming

  • What other programming is planned?
  • UCDC is more than internships and classes. We are working with alumni to pair interested students with mentors in fields of interest and developing professional development workshops on topics such as how to turn your internship into a job. We are putting together a speaker series, to give students a chance to ask questions of policymakers, journalists, and lawmakers.
  • Will I have a chance to “meet’’ other participants?
  • Yes. We are working on ways to bring students together in remote groups to share their experiences. Discussions on the 2020 election, a book group, movie nights, are all ideas we are exploring.
  • Can I network when I am remote?
  • Absolutely. The stay-at-home orders have forced much of the world to work from home, and everyone – from students taking classes to lawmakers who hardly know how to text – are finding ways to connect remotely. We will create opportunities for you to interact with professionals, colleagues, and classmates.