Jennifer Boyer

Intern At: The American Council on Renewable Energy

Major: Environmental Science and Management, emphasis in Geographic Information Systems

From: Bay Area

Goals: Ph.D.

Desired career: University faculty member that utilizes remote sensing technologies and geographical information systems to document and analyze the effects of non-biodegradable waste on the biogeochemical sphere.


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“When you’re in Washington D.C., influencing positive and national change is attainable because you’re right around the corner from where it all happens!  ...  I felt empowered by working around intelligent and motivated people, across the political spectrum, who were all inspired to create positive change.”  

Environmental Science, Economics, and Public Policy

Jennifer Boyer’s internship at American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), a non-profit organization dedicated to clean, renewable energy, was the perfect outlet for her combined interests in environmental science, economics, and public policy.  Jennifer studied economics at Diablo Valley College before transferring to UC  Davis, where she realized her passion for the environment and public policy and switched her major to Environmental Science and Management.  Since she transferred in 2013, she has emphasized her studies in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), served as a research assistant on multiple campus projects, joined the Cymbals section of the Cal-Aggie Marching Band-uh!, and is actively working on her own research in the fields of remote sensing and plant biology to study convergent evolution.

She brought her research skills and background in environmental science and economics to ACORE’s educational outreach program. The non-profit organization focused on combining the science, economics, and policy behind renewable energy and making that information available to voters. ACORE was a perfect fit for her as it nurtured her professional skills, gave her freedom to explore her passions, and published her work to the public.  “ACORE’s positive and supportive research team was wonderful to work with as everyone strived to make the internship as positive and helpful as possible,” she said.  Boyer did research, writing and editing in support of a new outreach program in partnership with NASCAR to educate fans about renewable energy.  She created statewide and city specific factsheets that analyzed the renewable energy job markets and the energy consumption of Chicago, IL and Kansas City, KS, which ACORE  distributed to fans at NASCAR races in Joliet, IL and Kansas City, KS.

A Priceless Experience

“Working in DC felt like I was at the door of great political change, and that all I had to do was just reach for it,” Boyer said.   “I felt empowered by working around intelligent and motivated people, across the political spectrum, who were all inspired to create positive change.”

What about living in DC?  

“I just love Washington, DC.  The city is full of young people – it’s like being in college – but it’s a place where change happens. I also loved my roommates – we were two UC Davis women and two from UCLA.  We were the pack – going  to museums, the White House down the street, Georgetown, pubs, and live music.  We went to Congressional hearings together!”   

What advice would she give to students considering the Washington Program?

“Coming to Washington is worth every penny.  You can’t put a price on what you learn from this experience.  You develop a network you’ll carry with you for the rest of your career.  I left my heart in Washington D.C.-- participating in the summer UCDC program fueled the fire of my passions and gave me the summer of a lifetime.” She is most proud of her accomplishments with ACORE and is also thankful for the amazing opportunity to work with wonderful people.