The First Week and Beyond

The First Week and Beyond
  • Take the initiative and ask for more work instead of waiting for another assignment to be given to you, or offer to assist other employees with their projects. This will show that you are dedicated and are a team player.
  • Use calendars and to-do lists to stay on top of all of your projects and deadlines.
  • Emergencies and illnesses do understandably occur, but try to make it to work every single day.
    • Do not call in sick in order to do personal activities, such as sightseeing.
  • Take advantage of company activities! This is a great way to integrate into the organization and get to know your coworkers.
    • If you are 21 and are invited to drinks with your coworkers, keep it to one drink. You still want to appear neat and professional.
  • Reserve personal activities, like checking social media or texting, for when you get off of work.
  • Avoid taking part in office gossip. It is very unprofessional and does not reflect positively on you.
  • Most importantly, be confident! You were hired for a reason, so your employer has confidence in the skills you can offer and the experience you bring.