The First Day

The First Day
  • Arrive early (about 10-15 minutes) makes a very good impression on your supervisor.
  • Be kind and polite to everyone you meet, including the maintenance staff. You do not know what will get back to your supervisor.
  • When meeting people, be sure to offer your name and a confident handshake. Make a strong effort to commit each person’s name and their position to memory.
    • If you do forget someone’s name, simply apologize and ask for it again. It happens to everyone!
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions! It is expected that you won’t know how everything works at the organization yet.
    • Any minor questions can be directed to your coworkers. Take questions that they cannot answer to your supervisor. It is a good idea to take notes so that you can refer to these first before asking future questions.
    • Be sure that you fully understand your daily duties and responsibilities.
  • Come with a positive attitude and be willing to learn as much as possible.
  • Do not be the first to leave. Finishing what you are working on first will show that you are dedicated to the job.