Michelle Murphy

Participated in: Fall 2012

Major: Economics & Communications

Internship Position: Reporter for California News Service

Current Position: Regional Director of Advocacy for the Central Valley and Central Coast at California Charter Schools' Association

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellecmurphy

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The UCDC program opened doors for me after I graduated from UC Davis in December 2012, preparing me for various pathways. From being able to point to my time as a reporter in Washington DC at the height of the 2012 Election to sharing published articles in the San Francisco Chronicle, my time in the program offered one of a kind career oriented opportunities that I was able to incorporate into every interview or job I have held since graduating. I am grateful for the unrivaled support from the teachers in the program and my editor from the California News Service, Mark Sandalow. Their time, energy, and guidance prepared me for a multitude of situations in my professional career. I am confident that any internship or classes through this program, will prepare students for success in whatever career they choose. This type of opportunity is truly once in a lifetime. Make the most of it!