Picture of Veronica Girma
Veronica Girma
Major: Microbiology & French
Picture of Karina Talamantes
Karina Talamantes
Major: Community & Regional Development
Picture of Samson Makonnen
Samson Makonnen
Major: Exercise Biology
Picture of Sasha Lekach
Sasha Lekach
Major: Communication
Picture of Anitra Smith
Anitra Smith
Major: Human Development & African-American Studies
Picture of Michelle Murphy
Michelle Murphy
Major: Economics & Communication
Picture of Amanda Scales
Amanda Scales
Major: Psychology & Economics
Picture of Dominique Waters
Dominique Waters
Major: Mathematics
Picture of Patrick Sheehan
Patrick Sheehan
Major: Computer Science
Picture of Elizabeth Becker
Elizabeth Becker
Major: Political Science & History
Picture of Alex Congxu
Alex Congxu Ke
Major: Managerial Economics
Picture of Bradley Bottoms
Bradley Bottoms
Major: Political Science & Sociology
Picture of Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez
Major: Political Science & Education
Picture of Patrick Waterman
Patrick Waterman
Major: International Relations & Political Science
Picture of Danae Jarrett
Danae Jarrett
Major: Communication & Women's Studies
Picture of Erik Moon
Erik Moon
Major: Political Science & History
Picture of Hannah Schwartz
Hannah Schwartz
Major: International Relations
Picture of Laura Chilaka
Laura Chilaka
Major: Political Science & Psychology
Picture of Jessie Philipps
Jessica Philipps
Major: Communication
Picture of Jason Barth
Jason Barth
Major: History & Political Science
Picture of Shaina Cook
Shaina Cook
Major: Communication
Picture of Kavita Anand
Kavita Anand
Major: Economics & International Relations
Picture of Danielle Green
Danielle Green
Major: Economics & International Relations
Picture of Jilian Plank
Jilian Plank
Major: Political Science & Public Service
Picture of Garett Nasworthy
Garrett Nasworthy
Major: International Relations & Spanish
Picture of Brittany Berry
Brittany Berry
Major: Economics, Sociology
Picture of Abbie Lieberman
Abbie Lieberman
Major: Political Science, Sociology
Picture of Paige del Rio
Paige del Rio
Major: Sociocultural Anthropology
Picture of Laura Rideout
Laura Rideout
Major: Political Science
Picture of Hannah Brown
Hannah K. Brown
Major: International Relations & Sociology
Picture of Jacqueline Meredith
Jacqueline Stoddard Meredith
Major: Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning
Picture of Joaquín Vázquez
Joaquín Vázquez
Major: Political Science