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Washington DC hosts hundreds of interns every year, and these students do very important work that often affects lives of Americans everywhere. UC Davis students have interned in over 200 organizations throughout the DC metro area and it’s not just on Capitol Hill: they’ve worked at international organizations, non-governmental organizations, scientific and medical institutions, organizations for the arts, museums, regulatory agencies - the list goes on and on. The Washington Program can help you find an internship that is of value to you, no matter what your major is. 

How does the internship search work?

Although we expect you to have a basic idea of the types of internships you’re interested in, we will help you through the process and forward opportunities to you. There is lot information about various internships on the internet, so we encourage you to begin looking early. There are thousands of internships available in Washington, and most of them are open to participants in this program. After you are accepted to the program, we will ask you to give us your top 10 internship preferences. The internship is an integral part of the Washington Program, and the staff is committed to sending students internship opportunities that will help them gain experience well-suited to their career goals. However, students are responsible for researching what internships are available, preparing and sending out applications, and making their final choice based on the offers they receive.

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