How To Research Internships

Most research can be completed using Google, internship search engines, and organization websites, though you may have to call or email the organization to learn more about the internship. Do not be discouraged if they do not list an internship for quarter students or an internship for the quarter you are going to DC. You should email them, using our email templates, to see whether they would be interested in an intern for the time you are in DC.

Researching Internships

  1. What internships are available in your field of interest?
  2. What are your goals after graduation and what type of internship will give you valuable experience in that field?
  3. If you do not know exactly what you want to do after you graduate, think about a career path that you would like to "test drive" as an internship experience.
  4. How competitive are the internship positions you are interested in, based on their popularity and application restrictions?
  5. Check out where people with your major/interests have interned by clicking here
  6. Check for eligibility requirements and early deadlines. Some government offices require US citizenship (e.g. White House, State Department, Congress, U.S. Attorney's Office, etc.)


  • Start searching early. Some internship deadlines may be early in the quarter, keep an eye out if these interest you.
  • Look at the language of your “favorite” organization/internship descriptions; are there any key words that you can use to help you search for similar opportunities?
  • Apply to a variety of internships including smaller organizations, often times they can provide a more engaging internship experience.
  • Search in the metro area beyond DC.
  • Keep an open mind about semester dates, many organizations are willing to work with students to adjust to their quarter schedules.
  • Come into drop in advising or make an appointment for personalized guidance with your internship search.
  • Keep your advisor updated with interview offers, special requirements, denials and your application status.