Email Templates

The process of finding the perfect internship in Washington, DC will inevitably include email communication with several organizations. Because these emails will be your first introduction to future employers, portraying yourself as qualified and professional is critical.

The templates below address some common email situations. Feel free to copy and paste them as needed. If you encounter a situation not covered below, please email us here.

Template List
  • How to send out your application to an organization - Click HERE
  • How to inquire about an organization's calendar dates and how to apply - Click HERE
  • How to follow up with an organization after applying - Click HERE
  • How to respond to an interview invitation - Click HERE
  • How to confirm an interview day and time - Click HERE
  • How to write a post-interview thank you note - Click HERE
  • How to follow-up with an organization after you have interviewed, but a few weeks has passed - Click HERE
  • How to turn down an interview - Click HERE
  • How to request additional internship information after being offered a position without an interview - Click HERE
  • How to ask for more time to make a decision - Click HERE
  • How to accept an internship offer - Click HERE
  • How to decline an internship offer - Click HERE