Applying to Internships Image

Documenting the Process

Keeping track of where and when you are applying will make your internship application experience much easier to manage. Make sure to keep a detailed list of positions, organizations, deadlines, materials needed, and date submitted to make corresponding with multiple organizations more organized. You can use our internship search log to help document your experience over time. 

Sending Out Your Application


  1. Save all of your documents in PDF format. It is unprofessional to send an editable document.
  2. Your name should always be in the document title. This makes it easy for the reviewer to find your materials.
    1. An example: Last, First – Resume UCD
  3. Email is always the preferred way to send applications. When attaching your internship application document to an email, use the following text for the body of your email:


Please accept my application for a [quarter] internship application with [Organization]. I have attached my resume, cover letter, list of references, and writing sample [*if applicable] to this message. I will be in Washington D.C., in the [quarter] as a participant in the UC Davis Washington Program. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


[Your name]

[(000) 000-0000]