View the Residential Life Handbook to learn about life in the UCDC Center and in Washington, D.C.

Visit our Climate page on Pinterest to learn about general weather patterns for each season in D.C.

Learn about how to dress and things to do in D.C. by visiting our Resource Manual

Mailing/Shipping Information: Find out where to ship items prior to arriving in D.C.

  1. You can only have items shipped to the Center three days before you arrive. Your address is: Your Name, 1608 Rhode Island Ave NW Apt #New Resident, Washington, DC 20036.
  2. Mailboxes are on the 4th floor. Packages can be picked up from the Residential Services Office mail window, which is the giant, metal-gated window to the right of the mailboxes. We put notices in your mailbox when you receive a package. If you do not have a slip, we either do not yet have your package, or it has not been sorted. Once you have a slip, you may pick up your package.

Other things to keep in mind:

  1. Plastic bags at grocery stores cost an additional 5-10 cents, so consider reuseable bags.
  2. Consider purchasing a Metro SmarTrip card.They are about $5 and can save you money in the long run if you have to commute to your internship. They can be purchased online or at any CVS or Giant stores. For more information about the metro system and SmarTrip cards, visit our Local Transportation Page.
  3. Metro costs can add up, so talk with your supervisor about their travel reimbursement policy to see if they can provide you with a travel subsidy.