UCD Washington Program & UCDC Student Participation Agreement

General Conduct:

The following policies and procedures are intended to contribute to the highest quality program possible, and to the welfare of all students, faculty and staff associated with the UC Washington Center Undergraduate Program. These rules apply to all aspects of the program, including internships, academic work, residential life and other activities.

  1. All students participating in the Washington Program take on a dual identity as both a UC campus (UCB, UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCM, UCR, UCSB, UCSC, or UCSD) student and a representative of the University of California to the organization for which they work as interns.
  2. Campus and Program standards of conduct apply to students not only on the premises of the Washington Center (residence halls, academic classrooms, administrative offices), but also at the locations of their internships and in the community. Students in the Program agree to conduct themselves at all times with this in mind.
  3. Students who violate these standards of conduct are subject not only to Program discipline (for example, reprimand or termination of Program participation), but also to campus discipline (such as Probation, Suspension, or Dismissal from the campus).
  4. Students are expected to fulfill all academic requirements of the Program. These include the internship and the obligations pertaining to it, the core seminar, and upper division elective class(es) (if applicable). If a student is terminated from an internship for any reason, he/she may be required to leave the program.
  5. Any problems related to residence life will be referred to the Resident Director of the UC Washington Center and, if deemed necessary, to relevant campus personnel. The Resident Director, in coordination with other UC Washington Center staff, will make every effort to resolve any such problems in as fair and as timely a manner as possible, with the best interests of all parties in mind. At no time will conduct seriously dangerous to other individuals or disruptive to their ability to participate effectively in the Program be tolerated.
  6. Students agree to abide by all relevant University and campus policies. Copies are available from your campus upon request.
  7. Students agree to reside at the UC Washington Center for the full fixed term of the contract as stipulated in the University of California, Washington Center Residential Services Housing Contract. A student may not depart from the Center prior to the end of the contract without permission from the campus director or administrator responsible for that campus’s UCDC program, or the Executive Director of the UC Washington Center, or his/her designee at the UC Washington Center.
    Our philosophy is to make every effort possible to work with students to resolve any problems. However, substantial or persistent violation of any of the above policies can be grounds for termination of participation in the Program. Any such decisions are to be made by the UC Washington Center Executive Director, or the Director of the student’s campus UCDC program, subject to consultation with the student and other pertinent parties.

I agree to abide by these policies.