Financial Aid

Because Washington Program participants are still enrolled at UC Davis while studying in DC, they maintain their financial aid eligibility. Once enrolled in the Washington Program, the Financial Aid Office gets notified of estimated program costs (including housing cost, airfare and health insurance fees, tuition, etc.) and will adjust students' financial aid package to meet the costs of the program. The Washington Program does not estimate student need nor does it determine what student's financial aid package will be.

Financial Aid Counselor

To discuss your financial aid eligibility in greater detail, please contact the Financial Aid Office. Please ask specific questions including the term in which you plan to attend and include your name and student ID number.

  1. Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am-2pm
  2. Phone: (530) 752-2390 Monday – Friday, 9am to 4pm
  3. Contact an Expert:

Housing Payment Plan

Students who expect to receive Financial Aid for their participating quarter may elect to use a housing deferred payment plan. Students who are on the deferred payment plan are still required to make the one time processing fee payment of $20.00 dollars by the respective due date. Please refer to the housing payment schedule for dates and details. The housing balance will then be due the day financial aid is disbursed during the quarter you go to DC.